About Us


“West Nipissing CHC strives to maintain a healthy community for a lifetime.”


West Nipissing Community Health Centre provides primary health care, illness prevention and management, and health promotion services through an interprofessional team. The Centre commits to adopt a leadership role and work collaboratively with community partners to foster the social, mental and physical health of the Aboriginal, Anglophone and Francophone residents of West Nipissing and Garden Village.


We show compassion and sensitivity towards the needs and experiences of others.

We ensure that each person can actively contribute to the process of planning the activities provided by the Centre. We encourage the participation of all members of our community to help provide guidance for future programs and services.

We are accountable to the community and to our other stakeholders for the programs and services that we provide. Honesty, openness, transparency and professionalism are the hallmarks of the way we conduct our business.

We promote empowerment of our clients to enable them to achieve physical, mental and social well-being as part of their life experience, by providing them all the necessary tools to attain such a quality of life.

We respect and celebrate the uniqueness, potential and ability of each individual; we demonstrate fairness, consistency and compassion in our interactions with others.

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